GAFFERPRO Professional Glow Tape


1 inch wide by 30 feet long, 0.255 lbs



  • GAFFERPRO’s professional Glow in the Dark Tape is a phosphorescent vinyl film tape which glows in the dark s after exposure to artificial or natural light. The photoluminescent light source embedded within the tape is designed to absorb energy from any nearby ambient light such as fluorescent lamps or sunlight. Once the source of outside light is removed the tape emits a light source of its own which is visible as your eye adjusts to the low light level.
  • It will glow the brightest for the first 30 minutes after charging has stopped and will remain visible in a totally dark room to the night-adjusted eye; however, it will not be near as bright as before which is standard with all high-quality glow tape.
  • When fully charged Pro-Glow provides luminance for up to 10 hours. There isn’t a limit to the number of times this product can be recharged (also remains highly effective for use for over 5 years).
  • This product is recommended for interior use. Glow tape has many uses and is used to spike stages for the placement of scenery and to mark stairs, toe rails, and exits, light switches and panels in dark areas. The tape’s flexible backing is conformable and easy to cut. This product is great for costumes and props as well.
  • Adhesive: solvent-based acrylic
  • Backing: phosphorescent vinyl film
  • Liner: poly coated 75-pound yellow paper
  • Core: 3-inch diameter cardboard core
  • Thickness: 10 mils (without the liner)
  • Application Temperature Min-Max: 50F-100F; Operating Min-Max: -15F-180F.